Kipit is a tool where customers can create an album, photobox or photowall of personal pictures, select different materials or sizes for the final product and receive it at home.


Kipit needed a mobile solution to test the market needs. It also needed a backend and a backoffice portal in order to maintain the product types and variants, discounts and prices, to generate the final product in order to print it. A while after launching the MVP, they were able to confirm that there was a need in the market for that type of product.


Kipit was willing to climb up to the next level in terms of user experience and performance on entering the market and to do so, they needed a fast development along with a quality standard.


  • Timming – Regarding the timing, there was pressure coming from the product department due to the fact that the campaigns had to start, the product was expecting to be online soon and the rest of the stakeholders were also expecting results. Android and iOS apps had to be launched in less than 3 months with the backoffice as well. That was quite a short timing for the dimension of the platform & the scope of the project. Having to build the perfect team with the right set of skills and deliver the project within a short notice was quite challenging!
  • Reliability & performance – The payments feature and image upload had to be reliable and perform well to be able to handle a large amount of users and be fast. Needless to say that this is an important part of Kipit business model as it should be easy to use. They needed constant changes on the UI part as they wanted to be good behaving and looking product from the start.
    As they were dealing with Stripe, it was very important to ensure that the integration with the third party went well, that it would be 100% reliable and that the communication would be highly performant.

What we developed with Kipit

  • Defined and prioritised the backlog to meet deadlines that were set by the company.
  • Planned the technical strategy and backend architecture.
  • Closely collaborated with Kipit product team to develop the Android and iOS app.
  • Developed the backoffice platform: that was mainly intended to serve all the products, payments and generate the albums with the configuration made on the app.


  • Kipit was able to enter to the market with a stable product.
  • The product could iterate over some user experience and performance issues. 

Kipit was satisfied with the results and today, we are still collaborating on iterating over the product.

Technologies used

Flutter, Angular 2+, Spring with Kotlin and AWS. 

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