RCD Espanyol

RCD Espanyol is a professional sports club based in Barcelona that plays in the spanish first division of football/soccer (La Liga). The club is currently developing an application for both Android and iOS that’ll allow the user to check the matches live, the club’s classification and the players stats. Also, the app allows the user to buy match tickets, merchandising and other stuff.


This sports entity wanted to launch an app to the market in order to stand out technologically speaking, and to offer top notch digital services to its users.


To build an Android/iOS application that manages ticket sales (and other services) and also shows data related to the club’s activity: current classification, news, multimedia content, etc. So the application could appeal to the user, the application needed taylor made, attractive animations, plus a unique system to cheer for the team during matches.


  • Design Requeriments – Certain screens from the app needed personalized animations. For the Android version, MotionLayout libraries were used in order to apply the requested effects. Meanwhile, a personalized animation with its own object physics was created for the iOS version.
  • SDK payment integration with a third party company – The app needed to be created with the goal of incorporating an independent SDK to manage ticket sales, shirts and other merchandising. Also, this platform must be visually and stylistically merged with the app.
  • Visual sync between different devices – Functionality should also be implemented that allowed the fan to animate the club by showing team colors (white and blue) intermittently, and that these colors alternate at the same time between all devices.
  • Integration with external data services (BeSoccer, Signia) – To display all the club information, both at the match level, ranking as player tokens, a backend that connected with third-party services such as BeSoccer or Signia had to be developed to collect this data and deliver it to the app.

What we developed with RCD Espanyol

  • A prioritized and defined Backlog tailored to the expectations given by the entity.
  • A proxy backend that collects information from third-party services provided by the entity.
  • An Android/iOS app with SDK integration, custom animations, and real-time sync between devices.


Waiting for the company in charge of developing the SDK to finish debugging the functionality.

Technologies used

Android, iOS, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Swift.

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