Álvaro García


Socracan 2020 Experience Report

I’ve had a wonderful time at the Socracan 2020. Here’s my Experience Report about it. What’s an Open Space? An Open Space (a.k.a Open Space Technology, a.k.a Unconference) is a kind of event where attendees are in charge of the

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Evolutionary Architecture
Software architecture

Evolutionary Architecture for Developers

What is architecture To try to stay away from a never-ending discussion, we’re siding with a definition similar to: The software architecture of a system is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, which comprise software elements,

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Keeping Sensitive Data Secret

Keeping sensitive data secret in a git repository

This post describes a tool (git-crypt), a set of practices and principles (e.g., Castle Approach to security, a.k.a Security in Depth principle) for increasing the protection for data inside a (private) git repository.   Introduction: git repository After better, safer alternatives

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