Arnau Silvestre

Agile web and app development

What is Plop – File Generator Tool System

What is Plop? Plop is a file generator tool system which allows you to define a script file to generate all the boilerplate files for you. Similar in how Angular schematics works, you can define a set of actions who

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React Hooks – The Main Uses

React Next 2019: React Hooks – the main uses

On June 12 of this year, part of the Apiumhub Frontend team had the opportunity to attend the React Next 2019 conference in Tel Aviv, a conference focused mainly on React and React Native. There we had the opportunity to

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Webpack Modules
Agile web and app development

Webpack modules

Despite being widely used today, Webpack is still a black box for many developers who simply use an existing configuration without knowing how it really works. So, today we will cover some of the key parts of Webpack to help

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