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Apiumhub BLOG 5

Complex navigation in SwiftUI

Navigation in SwiftUI has been a major focus of the framework from day one, however when we tried to create an app that had a bit more navigation and view complexity we ran into the first problems. Given the importance … Read More

Improving Our Functions With Bow

Improving our functions with Bow

**Bow is a library for Typed Functional Programming in Swift** But first of all… What is Functional Programming? Functional Programming is a programming paradigm – a style of building the structure and elements of computer programs – that treats computation … Read More

Combine Vs RxSwift

Combine vs RxSwift: Introduction to Combine & differences

In today’s article I’d like to give an introduction to Combine and show its main differences with RxSwift, and probably the best way to start is by showing Apple’s definition of Combine: A unified, declarative API for processing values overtime … Read More

Intro To Lenses In Swift

Intro to lenses in Swift: Immutability of objects

To understand lenses in Swift, we should first review what we refer to when talking about immutability of an object. We understand as an immutable object that object which can not be modified once it is created. Its use gives … Read More


Improving testability of CLLocationManager

It is common to find difficulties with the response of methods that are not ours when we write class tests that have external dependencies. Let’s see a typical case in mobile development where we can find this problem and find … Read More

iOS Snapshot Testing

iOS snapshot testing

Writing user interface tests is always a bit complicated, and many developers end up leaving views without testing or dedicating a lot of time and effort to the development of tests. Apple has its own native support for UI testing … Read More

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