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Azure Elastic Jobs for SQL Databases

What’s an Elastic Job? While the definition of an Elastic Job is quite straightforward in Microsoft’s documentation, I always like to read about a real-life example of the usage of a technology or tool first – I find it usually … Read More

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Comparing IaC tools for Azure: Terraform and Bicep

Infrastructure as Code on Azure, the ARM These days, most developers are familiar with the concept of having our applications’ and systems’ infrastructure defined in descriptive, version controlled code which generates the same environment, every time it’s applied. IaC solves … Read More


Build a bot with the new Bot Framework Composer

As assistant chatbots are becoming more and more useful, accurate and predictable, it’s no surprise that they are gaining in popularity. They can guide customers, suggest actions, act as an interactive FAQ and even help onboard new employees to internal … Read More

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