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Apiumhub BLOG 15

Advanced bunkerization

Introduction In this article, I want to delve into some additional measures to the ones I exposed in my first article, which add a fairly high level of control and protection of systems within our house. I will leave to … Read More

digitalbunkerization en

Digital bunkerization in times of pandemics: Basic concepts

Introduction In this article I would like to give a few hints on improvements and actions to perform a light bastioning of the digital environment in our home. A widely used improvement method is to identify patterns of problems, in … Read More

homeassitant EN

Domotics with Home Assistant: concepts

Why Home Assistant? Currently in the IoT sector, and more specifically in home automation, there is a wide variety of ecosystems (groups of products from a distributor),which, due to logical market competition, are often not compatible with each other, or … Read More

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