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ORM: avoid using many to many relationships

The usage of ORMs (data mappers) comes with a great power but also with a great responsibility. ORMs give us a convenient manner to handle databases avoiding some boilerplate; they also can be used incorrectly, this way being a source … Read More

Open Source Projects By Apiumhub

Open Source Projects by Apiumhub: Docker-Helper, Docker-jmeter, Docker-Dyson, Flutter Redux Seed

The mission of Apiumhub is to continue growing our community & our areas of expertise by bringing together the most passionate & advanced experts to deliver working software that will have an impact on the tech industry. We never stop … Read More

MDevCamp Conference

mDevCamp Conference 2019: our experience

mDevCamp 2019: Welcome & Keynote mDevCamp is one of the biggest mobile development events, and we’ve had the chance (and luck) to be able to assist to this year’s edition. With a lively atmosphere and refreshing and influential talks, mDevCamp’s … Read More

Espresso Testing

Introduction: Espresso Testing

As mobile developers, we spend most of our time creating new screens or changing screens that already exist and we need to know that the code works. That is why in our development process we must use tools to verify … Read More

Lambda World Cádiz

Lambda World Cádiz 18: Highlights

Lambda world Cádiz, one of the most important conferences on functional programming in Europe, took place in Cádiz on October 25 and 26. A software development team from Apiumhub was there attending some of the talks. Since the lectures and … Read More

How To Simplify The Data Layer

How to simplify the data layer with MoyaRx and Codable

Today all apps are connected at some point with servers to show data. This is why it is very important to have a well defined (and simple) client implementation to avoid problems in this very important layer of the application. … Read More

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