Reinforcement Learning Workshop with Apiumhub, BBVA & Facebook

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We are incredibly proud to announce that we are organizing a Reinforcement Learning Workshop with Data Scientists from Apiumhub, BBVA & Facebook. 

About Reinforcement Learning Workshop

Save the date! The online workshop will be held on Zoom on December 2nd. This workshop is designed for a total of 4 hours with an approximate break of 30 minutes.

Reinforcement Learning has positioned itself over time as one of the artificial intelligence techniques to solve business problems and as an important area of advanced research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Reinforcement Learning, as David Silver (principal research scientist at Google DeepMind) says “could constitute a solution to artificial general intelligence“.

In this Reinforcement Learning Workshop you will learn critical points of the implementation in production, focusing on different real use cases. Always from a didactic, functional, and very understandable point of view to be able to be activated within different industrial sectors.

Designed with a strong functional focus without neglecting the important technical challenges and concepts, this course is focused for different profiles:

  • CTOs, CIOs and CDOs
  • Organizational leaders such as program managers, data strategies, enterprise architects who are responsible for implementing the execution of data and Artificial Intelligence departments.

The sessions include presentations from industry leaders in innovation and business: 


  1. Alberto Hernandez – Head of AI at BBVA Innovation Labs
  2. Gema Parreño – Data Scientist Lead at Apiumhub
  3. Javier Abascal – Lead Data Engineer at Facebook
  4. David Suárez – Data Scientist at Apiumhub

Special Discount

Regular Tickets are available at a price of 100€. Use APIUMHUB promo code and get 20% discount.

You can choose between three different payment methods for this course:

Method 1: Bank Transfer

Method 2: Payment using Fundae

Method 3: Direct Payment using Xing 

If you have any questions, let us know


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