Android Developer

Android Development 3 Lessons Learned apiumhub

Android development: 3 lessons learned

This month we have interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead @Apiumhub. In this interview he shares his top 3 lessons learned as well as discusses some recommendations and Android development trends that make a difference nowadays. 1.How to start using … Read More

Android developer job offer

We are looking for an Android developer to join our young & dynamic software development team in Barcelona! We are growing our mobile team and we want essential people to be part of it and to work with us on … Read More

Android Architecture

Android Architecture: Rethinking MVP in Android

Today we will talk about Android Architecture and will rethink the use of MVP in Android. When we talk about software architecture, in Apiumhub we always have in mind the following objectives: Improve testability, expressiveness and reusability. Reduce mocking / stubbing, … Read More

Our Experience With Room In Android

Our experience with Room in Android after a few months of use

After a few months working with Room in Android we have encountered some problems that have really hindered our development compared to other ORM in the market (such as Hibernate). Some of the problems found are the following: Room in … Read More

Kotlin Vs Java

Java vs Kotlin

In Apiumhub we work with controlerless architecture called Pure MVP a lot ( We named it MVPP ), which is based on the concepts of composition of functions and investment of dependencies. You can find more information about it in … Read More

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