Success Drivers apiumhub

Apiumhub: success drivers

A lot of people ask us what are the ” Apiumhub success drivers “. Therefore we decided to create a list of top success drivers that we believe help us to grow. Top 10 Apiumhub success drivers Team spirit. We … Read More

Project manager jo offer apiumhub

Project Manager job offer

We are seeking a highly-motivated, experienced and strategic project manager to join our growing dream team. This person has a genuine interest in technology and passion to launch and deliver cutting-edge software products. PM will be responsible for managing the … Read More

Backend developer job offer

We are looking for a Backend developer to join our software development team ! We build goal-driven working software and we want essential people to be part of our growing team and to work with us on inspiring projects.   Who … Read More

Promising Startups In Barcelona

Top 15 promising startups in Barcelona to watch

Barcelona has experienced a tremendous transformation in recent years. City was always associated with Gaudi, Picasso and other great thinkers, artists and architects, but these years when people think about Barcelona, the first things that come to their mind is … Read More

Apiumhub And AGORA Images

Apiumhub and AGORA Images – together we can do so much!

AGORA images is the first global images community, where different brands and media have access to images of any person without intermediaries or commissions. It is a Barcelona based app and web platform for photography, which has become an essential … Read More

Hottest MusicTech Startups

Hottest MusicTech startups to follow

The music industry is not an exception, it got influenced by technology as well. Innovators are developing MusicTech to find new ways music can be created and performed. And startups try to automate everything that can be automated, eliminating pain points … Read More

Full Stack .NET Developer job offer in Barcelona

We are searching for a .Net senior developer to join our software development team in Barcelona! We keep receiving interesting projects to work on and build working software.    Overview We are looking for a .NET Developer on a full-time … Read More

Tech Talent In Barcelona

Tech Talent in Barcelona: statistics & facts

The digital transformation increases demand for tech talent to cover current jobs and those created as new. According to European Commission report, 80% of all Spaniards between the ages of 20 and 30 who find work in the near future … Read More

Digital Health Ecosystem

Digital health ecosystem in Barcelona

Barcelona became a very famous city for it’s architecture, food, startups, investors, technology, mobile, smart city projects, IOT, digital health, etc. Today I would like to talk more about digital health: main startups, projects and statistics. Spain is among top … Read More

Coronavirus Impact

Coronavirus impact on startups scene in Barcelona

Today I would like to talk about COVID-19 impact on startups scene in Barcelona as this situation literally changes the way we live and work and many startups go bankrupt because their business models were not ready for online business, … Read More

Leading Startups Hubs

Barcelona among leading startups hubs

In the last 10 years, we’ve been switching from the physical to the digital world. Companies have brought commerce, education and many more online. Every day we read news about new startups, new ideas, new products that have potential to … Read More

Startups Business Angels

Startups business angels in Barcelona & Madrid

Nowadays, Business Angels play a key role in the development of innovation ecosystem. And in this article, I would like to list down top startups business angels, who play a crucial role in the technology sector in Barcelona and in … Read More

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