Code Kata

Code Kata; way to become a better software developer

Japanese culture influenced a lot software and project management fields. Concepts like Lean, Kata, etc has come from Japan. And we should admit, that they have improved the existing processes, increasing efficiency and satisfaction overall. So, what is Kata? Or … Read More

How To Do Guest Posting At Apiumhub

How to do guest posting at Apiumhub

Apiumhub has started guest blogging in 2017 and we are very happy about it! It gives our blog more value because software experts from different industries and countries share with us their opinion, and we end up seeing the same … Read More

Benefits You Get By Doing BDD

A few benefits you get by doing BDD

Behavior Driven Development is a great way to avoid a common situation we find in the process of software development between teams. Very often, the developers and the business professionals are unsatisfied due to the fact that a lot of … Read More

BDD: User Interface Testing

BDD: User Interface Testing

If you ever had to develop a website, I’m pretty sure you spent hours checking that the website looks correct and that the user flow through the pages is not broken after several changes. Trying the same flow over and … Read More

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