Best Entrepreneurship Books

The 28 best entrepreneurship books to read

Probably you have heart that you are what you read who you are surrounded with. Books make you think differently, they open your mind, make an important switch, help you pivot and grow. If your goal is to build a … Read More

Luxury Startups

Top 10 luxury startups to watch this year

This year I was invited to ESERP Business school to give classes about luxury industry and technology ( here you may find my articles about digital luxury strategy tips and the role of technology in the luxury industry ). This time … Read More

Most Influential Innovation Blogs

22 most influential innovation blogs to follow

Hello, innovation lovers! Right now if you google innovation blogs and magazines you will have a thousand results and every year it becomes harder and harder to know who’s insights and advice are worth your attention. At the same time … Read More

Business Blogs To Read

Top 15 business blogs to read

There are so many interesting and inspiring entrepreneur and business blogs, but which ones are worth reading and following? We narrowed down the top business blogs to save your critical time, in this article you will find a list of … Read More

Memories Of An Entrepreneur

Memories of an Entrepreneur

I was invited to UB – Universitat de Barcelona to give a speech about entrepreneurship. I prepared this class for those students out there that want to open their own company in the future and hopefully these entrepreneur tips will … Read More

Startups And Small Business

10 Differences between Startups and Small Business

If you have ever worked in technology or familiar with it, you most likely know entrepreneurs who launch new startups non-stop. Have you ever asked yourself what a startup actually is though? Is it just a vogue word for a … Read More

Luxury Products Demand Better Software

Why high-end luxury products demand better software

With an estimated value of $179 billion in the US, and still growing (despite the financial crisis) the luxury goods market is a considerable one. As the market expands, so will the number of consumers who shop for high-end goods … Read More

entrepreneurship panel in Barcelona

Eada: entrepreneurship panel in Barcelona

In January Eada organized entrepreneurship panel in their renovated campus in Barcelona and I was lucky enough to be invited there as a panelist representing Apiumhub. About the event: entrepreneurship panel discussion in EADA EADA has entrepreneurship center whose mission … Read More

The Role Of Technology In The Luxury Industry

The Role of technology in the luxury Industry

I was invited to ESERP business school this autumn to give classes about the role of technology in the luxury industry. As many of you already know, I am passionate about both things: technology and the luxury industry, therefore for … Read More

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