Be More Functional In Java

Be more functional in java with vavr

With the release of java 8 a new paradigm was discovered in the development with java, but the question arises – is it enough? And what if we could have other functionalities of more purely functional languages in java? To … Read More

Software Developer Tips

Top 10 software developer tips

I have been working for a while now side by side with our developers in Apiumhub and they inspired me to write an article about the best software developer tips. I spoke to our tech team, read many tech blogs & … Read More

To Help You Learn To Code

24 great resources to help you learn to code

It’s not the first article in our Tech blog where we cover the topic of how to learn to code, however, we haven’t discussed yet best websites to learn coding or any online programming courses. Let’s say for some reasons … Read More

Code Editors For Software Developers

Code editors for software developers

Code editors – an essential part of every software developing. Every code editor has its own interface, functionality, pros & cons. That’s why I decided to reveal the most known code editors that will help you write your next projects’ code … Read More

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