Why Scala Language Climbs The Ranks Of Popularity

Reasons why Scala language climbs the ranks of popularity

Scala is considered to be a complex, but very efficient and demanded language. And in today’s article, I would like to show you some facts about Scala language popularity, benefits of using it and list down some useful Scala blogs, … Read More


Top Typescript advantages

As you may have noticed, TypeScript is reaching new heights of popularity. In Apiumhub we use it a lot as well and think that it is absolutely worth trying! Our team members say that “once you try it, you just … Read More

Legacy Code

Legacy Code: definition, recommendations & books

In Global Software Architecture Summit in Barcelona, we talked about “Legacy Code” and there were many opinions about it. I decided to do a small research to continue investigating, I read books about this topic and talked with our software … Read More

Web Design For Coding

Web Design for Coding: 7 steps checklist to have it ready for development

Most creative projects today ain’t a one person’s project. Truly innovative can only be a result of collaboration, because it requires a skill set that a single mind won’t possess. At Chop-Chop, we are dealing with web development as a … Read More

Demystifying Redux

Demystifying Redux

Redux is a library that helps you manage the status of your app. In this article, demystifying redux,  we will not discuss why to use it and how to use it correctly, we will only focus on how to create our … Read More

To Help You Learn To Code

24 great resources to help you learn to code

It’s not the first article in our Tech blog where we cover the topic of how to learn to code, however, we haven’t discussed yet best websites to learn coding or any online programming courses. Let’s say for some reasons … Read More

Keep Calm & Hide Your Code

Keep calm & hide your code: code encapsulation.

In this article I’d like to open your eyes on code encapsulation and hopefully you will enjoy the 5 tricks I will give you when it comes to hiding your code. A few years ago, when I was still a college student … Read More

How Can I Learn Coding Easily?

I ‘m a beginner, how can I learn coding easily?

Almost everything seems to be very difficult in the beginning and sometimes you even don’t know how to start, therefore our Apiumhub’s team wrote down some tips on what is the best way to learn coding: LEARN CODING 1- Define … Read More

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