Coronavirus Impact

Coronavirus impact on startups scene in Barcelona

Today I would like to talk about COVID-19 impact on startups scene in Barcelona as this situation literally changes the way we live and work and many startups go bankrupt because their business models were not ready for online business, … Read More

Startups that work on Coronavirus Projects

Startups that work on Coronavirus Projects

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, startups decided to take different initiatives and develop array applications and web services to help people track the virus, check for symptoms and offer advice on ways to help prevent COVID-19 and today … Read More

Top 8 Online Meeting Apps

Even though we are physically isolated during the coronavirus outbreak, we are not socially isolated thanks to technology. The demand for video meeting and conferencing tools has never been greater. Everywhere we look, global gatherings has been shut down. First … Read More

Coronavirus: Activities And Online Resources

Coronavirus: activities and online resources

The coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly across the globe, leaving many people feeling anxious at home. The health crisis and lockdown is fundamentally changing our relationship to the world. Covid-19 is heavily affecting how people use the internet — transforming … Read More

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