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Why Should You Subscribe To Our Newsletter?

Why should you subscribe to our Newsletter?

Newsletter is very important when it comes to communication. It’s actually the second most important communication tool after a website. At Apiumhub, as we don’t really want to overload you with information, our Newsletter is sent on a monthly base and … Read More

M-Commerce’s Increased Importance

M-commerce’s increased importance

In the past few years we’ve been talking a lot about e-commerce & lately even more about m-commerce. So let’s start off by describing them both and talk about the e-commerce & m-commerce growth, the importance of adapting to changes … Read More

The Role Of Technology In The Luxury Industry

The Role of technology in the luxury Industry

I was invited to ESERP business school this autumn to give classes about the role of technology in the luxury industry. As many of you already know, I am passionate about both things: technology and the luxury industry, therefore for … Read More

Digital Trends To Keep An Eye On

8 Digital trends to keep an eye on

2017 is promising to be the year for smarter digital strategy. Marketers no longer see digital as a distinct marketing field and they are moving to digitally led business models. The online marketing industry is complex and it is changing … Read More

Digital Luxury Strategy Tips

Digital luxury strategy tips

As a CMO of Apiumhub with a solid background in online world, I was invited as a Guest speaker to ESERP Business School to give a speech about digital luxury strategy. In this article I want to share with you … Read More

Mobile apps; why most companies invest in them?

Mobile apps; why most companies invest in them?

This year Apiumhub received a lot of projects regarding mobile: m-commerce, push notifications, mobile apps etc. It’s not a secret anymore that mobile became an essential part of our lives and it is kind of a center of a universe right … Read More

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