DevOps Influencers

DevOps influencers to follow this year

Every subject has experts and influencers. People who inspire us and motivate us. Today, let’s talk about DevOps. Even Though you may find thousands of influencers on the internet, it is hard to know who is truly worth following. So, … Read More

Software Development Influencers

15 software development influencers

From software developers to software architects, the software world is full of influential people, many of whom have active social media presence. Therefore, I decided to write an article about those top software development influencers who changed our lives. Following … Read More

Influential Women software development

25 influential women in software development

In the software development field, we always hear famous names like Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, George H. Fairbanks, Uncle Bob, Mark Richards, etc. As many in the Tech industry, often, they are men. That is why today I decided to write about … Read More

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

15 Inspiring entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

There is a saying that if you want to become successful, you should surround yourself with successful people. In this article you will find several inspiring entrepreneurs that are known in the entrepreneurial world and will be your next drivers … Read More

Women In Tech

Women in tech: key people & communities

Women in Tech is not a frequent phenomenon. However, the presence of women in tech industry is significant. Women are becoming scientists, known tech leaders and CEOs, every city has communities supporting women in tech industry. In this article, I … Read More

Great Mobile Development Influencers

10 Great mobile development influencers

It’s quite important to stay up to date with latest news & discoveries in your industry, specially in the tech industry considering that everything evolves and changes so fast. A great and easy way to do so is to follow … Read More

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