Innovation hubs

Leading Startups Hubs

Barcelona among leading startups hubs

In the last 10 years, we’ve been switching from the physical to the digital world. Companies have brought commerce, education and many more online. Every day we read news about new startups, new ideas, new products that have potential to … Read More

Digital Health Hub

Digital health hub: building the innovation ecosystem

We all know about the digital trend, however, is there a healthy digital hub that allows each city or region to grow exponentially and become more and more innovative in a healthy and balanced manner? In this article we will … Read More

Smart cars

Smart cars – driving the innovation

To continue with the AI topic, today, I would like to discuss the role of artificial intelligence technology in automotive industry, smart cars. More and more, robots take over our daily tasks, for example, now our fridges can order food … Read More

Barcelona Tech Ecosystem

Barcelona tech ecosystem: map of the main players

The tech ecosystem of Barcelona has been continuously growing for many years. Barcelona has become a home for many exciting start-ups. Barcelona has one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems globally and it is the 5th European region in terms of … Read More

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