Innovation trends

Open Innovation

Open innovation: benefits, case studies and books.

Today we hear a lot “ Open Innovation ” but actually there are a lot of people who are not sure what it means exactly. As this topic is important nowadays, we decided to write an article about it to … Read More

AI In Logistics

AI in Logistics: 5 troubleshooting use cases

Artificial intelligence is the technology that modifies many fields of activities and it bears a real benefit for various industries. Logistics area is the one where the application of AI shows serious advantages. This article covers how AI in logistics … Read More

Home Automation Apps

Home Automation Apps Are Gaining Momentum

Home automation apps are going to take a sharp turn straight into the future. All automation technology will get better at the jobs they already do and predicting what needs to happen next. In the realm of household technology, however, … Read More

VR And AR Applications In Real Estate

Disrupting a traditional industry: VR and AR applications in Real Estate

When it comes to making a name in real estate, and getting into the industry in a way that creates a long-term career, there is a lot for agents to learn. One of the things many agents are finding today … Read More

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