Giving A Push For A New Startup

3 effective ideas for giving a push for a new startup

Are you an entrepreneur that has a new startup carefully designed from scratch? Or do you need to come up with an effective creative idea of how to advertise a startup? When starting a new startup every entrepreneur thinks about … Read More

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

15 Inspiring entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

There is a saying that if you want to become successful, you should surround yourself with successful people. In this article you will find several inspiring entrepreneurs that are known in the entrepreneurial world and will be your next drivers … Read More

Inspirational Women In The Startup & Venture Capital Space

Inspirational women in the startup & venture capital space

In recent years we have seen a trend of an increasing number of talented women coming into the tech and investment industry. This article is about their success and noticeable results. Over the last weeks, we have screened potential nominees … Read More

Women In Tech

Women in tech: key people & communities

Women in Tech is not a frequent phenomenon. However, the presence of women in tech industry is significant. Women are becoming scientists, known tech leaders and CEOs, every city has communities supporting women in tech industry. In this article, I … Read More

Creative Accounts To Follow On Twitter

Top 15 creative accounts to follow on Twitter

Looking for design-related, inspirational, creative accounts to follow? Do you search for the inspiration on Twitter? Then you need to read this article. I have revised several Twitter accounts; their creative and visually inspiring content to create a useful list for your … Read More

UX Design Inspiration Resources

Top 25 UX Design Inspiration resources in 2017

As you may have noticed, I am passionate about UX design and I like to learn more about this topic and write articles about it, basing my thoughts on our UX designers’ experience and what I find browsing our favourite … Read More

Unlock Your Creativity

Unlock your creativity: 20 tips & books

I think everyone faced a situation when you are not inspired to create, when you think that you are not creative and when you run out of ideas. If you want to unlock your creativity, then you have to understand … Read More

Creative, Minimalist & Clean Web Designs

31 creative, minimalist & clean web designs

Making design choices for your website sometimes can be a long and stressful process, but at the same time crucial for the brand. The best tip we can give you – go for simplicity! Especially if you have a tight deadline … Read More

Flat Design

Flat design inspiration

Web design trends change very fast, they come and go! You don’t have time to adapt to the current design trends and you see the new one coming out again. As I work in this industry, I noticed that on … Read More

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