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11 Productivity Apps You Will Ever Need

Grow Your Business Faster – 11 Productivity Apps You Will Ever Need

Let’s face it! Starting a business is tricky. Most business owners are notoriously busy, wearing different hats making it difficult to get one’s ducks in a row without inevitable stress. Further, scaling a business is a hard nut to crack. … Read More

IoT, AI, Blockchain

IoT, AI, Blockchain: what does the future hold for mobile Healthcare

As technological advancements continue to impact every sector of life, new tech advancements such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain have become a significant part of mobile healthcare too. Electronic patient databases, virtual hospitals, and ambulatory clinics are just some of the … Read More

How To Simplify The Data Layer

How to simplify the data layer with MoyaRx and Codable

Today all apps are connected at some point with servers to show data. This is why it is very important to have a well defined (and simple) client implementation to avoid problems in this very important layer of the application. … Read More

Kotlin Vs Java

Java vs Kotlin

In Apiumhub we work with controlerless architecture called Pure MVP a lot ( We named it MVPP ), which is based on the concepts of composition of functions and investment of dependencies. You can find more information about it in … Read More

Pure MVP Application

B-Wom case study: Pure MVP application

One of the most important tasks that we carry out in Apiumhub is to collaborate with our clients for the implementation of agile development methodologies and the introduction of good software development practices ( software architecture, testing, etc.). And today … Read More

Build A Robust Mobile Performance Monitoring Strategy

How to build a robust mobile performance monitoring strategy

In a perfect world, all apps would perform as their developers envisioned—quick to load, easy to use, bug free, and without crashes. But this world isn’t perfect, and neither are mobile apps. In fact, some of the most popular apps … Read More

Mobile App Vs Mobile Website

Mobile app vs mobile website; what suits you most?

Mobile usage has been increasing over the past few years and is here to stay. As it represents such an important part of our lives, we know it’s not something to be ignored. In this infographic, you will get a clearer … Read More

Creating A Mobile App

Creating a mobile app: things you should know

Did you know that companies keep increasing their mobile app investment in year by year? Nowadays, creating a mobile app is quite popular and it is actually a very smart strategy to promote a brand. But before building a mobile app, you … Read More

Uninstall A Mobile App

Uninstall a mobile app; how to avoid it

Mobile apps are very important for businesses and not only for big brands, but also for small and medium size businesses. There are thousands of apps that are released every day on app stores. Besides that, there are tons of users … Read More

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