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Android Architecture

Android Architecture: Rethinking MVP in Android

Today we will talk about Android Architecture and will rethink the use of MVP in Android. When we talk about software architecture, in Apiumhub we always have in mind the following objectives: Improve testability, expressiveness and reusability. Reduce mocking / stubbing, … Read More

Our Experience With Room In Android

Our experience with Room in Android after a few months of use

After a few months working with Room in Android we have encountered some problems that have really hindered our development compared to other ORM in the market (such as Hibernate). Some of the problems found are the following: Room in … Read More

How To Implement A Redux Library

How to implement a Redux library with kotlin and Rx

In this article we will cover how to implement a Redux library with Kotlin and Rx. But first things first, let’s start with the small introduction to Redux library: In essence Redux is an architecture that has three pillars: A … Read More

Display Heterogeneous Data

Display heterogeneous data in a table view

One of the common developments in mobile applications is showing information using tables. This task can easily be done when you have a collection of homogeneous entities but it gets trickier when this collection has n-number of different entities. In … Read More

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture in Android Applications

Even though mobile applications look quite simple for users, there is much complexity hidden behind the veil of neat UIs. An app may be focused on any task, but it should stick to one basic requirement – the clean architecture. … Read More

Mobile Technologies

Why mobile technologies are the future of the automobile Industry?

The mobile phones are becoming the most significant part of human life. People now rely on mobile phones for their day-to-day task. Whether it is to book a flight, hire a cab, order food, get your car to service, or … Read More

Intro To Lenses In Swift

Intro to lenses in Swift: Immutability of objects

To understand lenses in Swift, we should first review what we refer to when talking about immutability of an object. We understand as an immutable object that object which can not be modified once it is created. Its use gives … Read More

Memory leaks in iOS

Memory leaks in iOS

By Apple’s definition, a memory leak is: “Memory that was allocated at some point, but was never released and is no longer referenced by your app. Since there are no references to it, there’s now no way to release it and … Read More


Improving testability of CLLocationManager

It is common to find difficulties with the response of methods that are not ours when we write class tests that have external dependencies. Let’s see a typical case in mobile development where we can find this problem and find … Read More

Best Mobile Apps In Spain

Organic Event. TheAwards: Best mobile apps in Spain 2018

The 4th edition of the app festival ORGANIC: The App Party took place 15th of November 2018 in Duvet Club Barcelona. Case Studies, Fun and a Lot of Networking! Also, this year Pickaso and The Tool, the organizers of the … Read More

Pure MVP Application

B-Wom case study: Pure MVP application

One of the most important tasks that we carry out in Apiumhub is to collaborate with our clients for the implementation of agile development methodologies and the introduction of good software development practices ( software architecture, testing, etc.). And today … Read More

iOS Continuous Integration

iOS continuous integration with Fastlane & Jenkins

One of the basic pillars of Apiumhub is our premise to the clients to always deliver working software with the highest possible quality levels. In order to do it, we work with Continuous Integration that allows us to have versions of … Read More

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