Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder-Events

Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder-Events

In 2019, we held a meet up in which we presented our approach to architecture in mobile development. Here you can see the talk: “Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder – Events” In summary, I will first try to explain the concept … Read More

Apiumhub Software Architecture Meetups

Apiumhub software architecture meetups in Barcelona

This year we moved to a new office in Plaza Urquinaona, where we have an awesome room for organizing Apiumhub software architecture meetups. Here you can watch a short video about Apiumhub life and our new office! One of our … Read More

Android Architecture

Android Architecture: Rethinking MVP in Android

Today we will talk about Android Architecture and will rethink the use of MVP in Android. When we talk about software architecture, in Apiumhub we always have in mind the following objectives: Improve testability, expressiveness and reusability. Reduce mocking / stubbing, … Read More

Pure MVP Application

B-Wom case study: Pure MVP application

One of the most important tasks that we carry out in Apiumhub is to collaborate with our clients for the implementation of agile development methodologies and the introduction of good software development practices ( software architecture, testing, etc.). And today … Read More

Minimum Viable Product

Less Is More – Minimum Viable Product

A lot of startups don’t even know what is MVP (minimum viable product), and begin their business with an idea that they think people need and want. They spend months, sometimes even years, perfecting their product without ever showing the … Read More

MVP Pattern

MVP pattern in iOS

The development of the mobile app has changed and evolved a lot in recent years. Thanks to the interest of the developers and the growth of the mobile platforms, every time it is getting more and more common that the … Read More

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