object-oriented programming

The Pursuit Of Pragmatic Programming

JBCNConf 2019: The Pursuit of Pragmatic Programming

The last week of May, the beautiful city of Barcelona was hosting an annual fair for all the IT enthusiasts, programmers and software companies – the fifth edition of JBCNConf. This year, the three days were filled up with an … Read More

SOLID Principles Explained

The 5 SOLID Principles explained

Today I would like to talk about S.O.L.I.D., the first five principles of object-oriented programming that we at Apiumhub (like many others), find essential for building working software. In case you didn’t know it, in computer programming, the SOLID principles … Read More

The Adapter Pattern

The Adapter Pattern in object-oriented programming

The development process of programming is similar to the human development, it goes from low to high. Object-oriented programming became quite popular. The programming pioneers have found common problems in object-oriented programming, and also found solutions to solve these problems with … Read More

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