Facts About Software Development

Interesting facts about software development: statistics

This year Apiumhub partnered up with codignsans and other software related companies like: clutch, gitkraken, Cooperpress, Level-up, Storyblok, Dashbird, Serverlessguru, Coder, Webiny, Meetupfeed and took part in a global software development research to find out how companies attract software developers, what are … Read More

Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development overview

When we talk about outsourcing software development or IT outsourcing in general, we talk about the externalisation of IT services to help clients reduce costs, accelerate time to market and take advantage of external expertise. You are basically looking for … Read More

Offshore Outsourcing

Is IT offshore outsourcing for you ?

A lot of people are confused with offshore outsourcing, in order to clarify what is it and why big internationals prefer to contract outsourcing companies, I decided to write an article about the benefits of IT offshore outsourcing and why … Read More

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