Key Software Architecture Metrics

Research Results: Key software architecture metrics

If you remember my article about Software Architecture Quality Attributes, you know that we have been conducting a survey to find out key software architecture metrics that leading companies and software architects use. As  quality of a software’s architecture is … Read More

Build A Robust Mobile Performance Monitoring Strategy

How to build a robust mobile performance monitoring strategy

In a perfect world, all apps would perform as their developers envisioned—quick to load, easy to use, bug free, and without crashes. But this world isn’t perfect, and neither are mobile apps. In fact, some of the most popular apps … Read More

Good Software Architecture

The importance of a good software architecture

Many people hear about software architecture but don’t really know what it means or why it can be helpful. But when working on a software project, it is primordial to dedicate time to get a good software architecture, because if you … Read More

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