programming languages

Facts About Software Development

Interesting facts about software development: statistics

This year Apiumhub partnered up with codignsans and other software related companies like: clutch, gitkraken, Cooperpress, Level-up, Storyblok, Dashbird, Serverlessguru, Coder, Webiny, Meetupfeed and took part in a global software development research to find out how companies attract software developers, what are … Read More

To Help You Learn To Code

24 great resources to help you learn to code

It’s not the first article in our Tech blog where we cover the topic of how to learn to code, however, we haven’t discussed yet best websites to learn coding or any online programming courses. Let’s say for some reasons … Read More

New Programming Languages

New programming languages that grab my attention!

Technology is changing the world as well as itself. Today, we use computer programming in almost everything; household, agriculture, health, entertainment, communication, banking, etc. Programming languages or computer languages, however you prefer to call it, are expanding more and more, … Read More

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