Smart city


Proptech: the disruption of real estate

This year we hear a lot of Proptech, Fintech, InsurTech, Medtech, EduTech, etc. However, a lot of people are not sure about what these acronyms mean exactly and why they became buzzwords. Today we will talk about Proptech, but I … Read More

Smart City Influencers

Smart city influencers that are worth mentioning

From Barcelona to Singapore, cities across the globe are becoming smarter. According to many well-known pieces of research and smart city influencers, by 2025 there will be 29 megacities. Within any of these cities there are millions of devices already … Read More

Home Automation Apps

Home Automation Apps Are Gaining Momentum

Home automation apps are going to take a sharp turn straight into the future. All automation technology will get better at the jobs they already do and predicting what needs to happen next. In the realm of household technology, however, … Read More

Smart cars

Smart cars – driving the innovation

To continue with the AI topic, today, I would like to discuss the role of artificial intelligence technology in automotive industry, smart cars. More and more, robots take over our daily tasks, for example, now our fridges can order food … Read More

Top Smart City Projects & Leaders To Watch

Top smart city projects & leaders to watch

Smart city became another buzz word these years but we are going to be hearing a lot more of in the coming years. Let’s start with smart city landscape to see the trend and then look at absolutely amazing smart … Read More

Barcelona; One Of The Best Smart Cities In Europe

Barcelona; one of the best smart cities in Europe

If you regularly stay up to date about the tech industry, you must have heard about smart cities. And actually we’ve seen so many cities lately describing themselves as smart cities, encouraging the concept, hosting events to show innovative ideas, … Read More

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