Automation Testing Tools

Automation Testing Tools

To satisfy the ever-growing expectations of stakeholders, product teams have to spend a significant amount of time and effort on quality assurance, diverting their focus away from developing solutions and putting a bigger time constraint on their projects. Automation testing … Read More

Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure as Code: benefits & tools

Environment drift becomes an expensive business waste. Bugs and failures happen because teams build against a staging or development environment and then find upon deployment that the production environment is out of sync, which leads to a time-consuming investigation of … Read More

Terraform Benefits

Terraform benefits & use cases

Today, I would like to discuss a DevOps tool: Terraform, which we use a lot in Apiumhub.   As we all know, the target of the DevOps movement is to make code always in a deployable and maintainable state. Instead of … Read More

Senior Developer

Main senior developer characteristics & qualities

There is a hot debate going on regarding the main senior developer characteristics & qualities. We have run a survey and collected feedback from our own Apiumhub team and in this article you find the results.   Being a junior, mid-level, … Read More

Software Trends

Software trends; Apiumhub’s radio interview

I remember my interview, that I gave for English radio channel in Barcelona about current software trends and how Apiumhub became successful. I though it will be interesting for you to know the story of Apiumhub and the current software … Read More

Operational Analytics

7 Benefits of Operational Analytics

With business-focused technologies on the rise, it’s becoming more important for organizations to learn how to use their data wisely. It’s a given that one should protect and secure their data, but it’s a completely different story when you’re analyzing … Read More

HTTPS For Dummies

HTTPS for dummies: symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption & SSL certificate

In HTTPS for Dummies article, we will see what HTTPS is and why that final S is so important. Let’s start with the basics. HTTP is a communication protocol and HTTPS is HTTP with a security layer that adds confidentiality … Read More

Charles Proxy In Android Emulator

Charles Proxy in Android emulator

In this article, we will discuss about how to capture the traffic of our Android application using a tool called Charles Proxy. I recommend you continue reading, you will love it! At least we love here at Apiumhub. Developing a … Read More

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