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Why Scala Language Climbs The Ranks Of Popularity

Reasons why Scala language climbs the ranks of popularity

Scala is considered to be a complex, but very efficient and demanded language. And in today’s article, I would like to show you some facts about Scala language popularity, benefits of using it and list down some useful Scala blogs, … Read More

Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition System – the new future of Biometrics Identification

At KFC in Hangzhou, China, a customer comes to buy food, look at the camera and in order to pay just smiles and walk away happy with the order. No, it’s not a scene from some movie. It’s Alibaba’s “Smile … Read More

The Latest Trends In The Technology Industry In 2020

The latest trends in the technology industry in 2020

In the software and tech industry, everything goes so fast that you can often feel left behind. Trends change, new methods are used and you always have to try and stay updated. So here’s a short article about a few … Read More

Virtual Reality Technology: Main Trends, Statistics & Startups

Virtual Reality technology: main trends, statistics & startups

It’s been a year since Virtual Reality technology market has been officially launched and now after 12 months of the real performance of the major tech players, we can finally see the real trends, statistics and the future of VR market. … Read More

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