UI testing

Espresso Testing

Introduction: Espresso Testing

As mobile developers, we spend most of our time creating new screens or changing screens that already exist and we need to know that the code works. That is why in our development process we must use tools to verify … Read More

iOS Snapshot Testing

iOS snapshot testing

Writing user interface tests is always a bit complicated, and many developers end up leaving views without testing or dedicating a lot of time and effort to the development of tests. Apple has its own native support for UI testing … Read More

GUI Testing

A guide to GUI testing

There is a topic that keeps on coming up regarding user interfaces, more specifically regarding Graphical user interface; how to do UI testing? Actually, many people don’t even do it, but they should definitely be doing some GUI testing. So … Read More

BDD: User Interface Testing

BDD: User Interface Testing

If you ever had to develop a website, I’m pretty sure you spent hours checking that the website looks correct and that the user flow through the pages is not broken after several changes. Trying the same flow over and … Read More

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