Technology Innovation

Technology innovation: CLAS expara startup accelerator

Technology innovation in Vietnam is booming. By following the latest trends and staying up to date, Apiumhub’s Vietnam team has had various chances to assist to really interesting events, featuring big players in the Information Technologies industry such as Tech … Read More

Tech Transformation With Google For Work

Tech transformation with Google for work in Vietnam

We all know that changes in technology trends are bound to continue, and that through the years, it will still have a significant impact on the way we work, causing constant business transformation. I was really impressed by what Inam Hussain, Head … Read More

Agile working

Agile working without borders; tips & insights

Nowadays, our world allows us to work with people without having to consider the borders between countries. However, how do we adapt in this world with that many barriers such as language, culture, working style, values, etc. How do we overcome those … Read More

Apiumhub was featured in Viet-X-Startup magazine

Apiumhub was featured in Viet-X-Startup magazine

Top news; Apiumhub was featured in Vietnamese magazine Viet-X-Startup! This magazine is for businessmen who are interested in successful business cases, start-up strategies, useful tools, ideas, growth strategies, investment opportunities and many other things, which start-ups. The first article that we wrote for this magazine … Read More

Technology Evolution

Vietnam, a bright future for technology evolution

The software development industry in Vietnam has grown spectacularly over the past years. If in 2000 the number of software companies were 25, in 2014 this number reached 4000 and provided more than 55,000 jobs according to Vietnam’s News Agency. Vietnam … Read More

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