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Apiumhub BLOG 15

Liquibase on Kubernetes

Context, motivation and theory We have a microservices environment with Kubernetes(k8s), in which we develop a service that requires a database. We decided to do the migration management of the database using Liquibase. Eventually, we realized that some deploys left … Read More

How can backend development help to improve User Experience?

We often confuse the User Experience (UX) with the User Interface (UI), this is associated only with the most visual part of a web or application.  In this article, we will briefly clarify what user experience refers to, and we … Read More

Grow professionally as a backend developer

Grow professionally as a backend developer. Interview with Javier Gomez – Backend developer at Apiumhub

We are continuing with our interview series ( previously we had interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead at Apiumhub and Serhii Zabolennyi – QA Automation engineer at Apiumhub )  and today we have a Backend interview with Javier Gomez – backend developer … Read More

How Do I Create A Fake Server With Dyson?

How do I create a Fake Server with Dyson?

This article may seem essential for a frontend developer, but for me it was a sensational discovery. To understand what motivates this article, let me introduce my context: I had always developed backends, but two years ago, when I got started … Read More

Automating A Postman Test

Automating a Postman test with JMeter

Automatizing a Postman test with JMeter Noawadays, one of the most used tools to do functional testing against an API is Postman. Even though these can be automatized via command line with Newman, the most common use of this tool is to … Read More

JBCNConf highlights

JBCNConf 2019 Highlights: Evolving a Clean Architecture

As you probably already know, last month, Apiumhub sponsored this year’s edition of the JBCNConf, and our development team had the pleasure attending the event and sharing knowledge with the Java community in Barcelona.   JBCNConf 2019 Highlights During JBCNConf … Read More

Hexagonal Architecture In A Symfony Project

Hexagonal architecture in a Symfony project: Working with Domain Identifiers

When we talk about Domain Identifiers, we are talking about the ID of an entity in our domain. Many times, it may seem like a simple procedure to assign an ID to an instance of a domain entity, and therefore … Read More

Applying Hexagonal Architecture

Applying Hexagonal Architecture to a Symfony project

Hexagonal Architecture, also known as Architecture of Ports and Adapters, is one of the most used architectures nowadays. The aim of this article is to list down the main characteristics, applying hexagonal architecture to a Symfony project. Applying Hexagonal Architecture: main … Read More

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