Continuous Delivery Session

Continuous Delivery Session

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Continuous delivery is key for software release if you want modern software delivery methods and feedback loops to help you deploy faster with high quality.

Continuous delivery help you automating the entire software release process. Every revision that is committed triggers an automated flow that builds, tests, and then stages the update. The final decision to deploy to a live production environment is triggered by the developer.

At Apiumhub we have released Koople, a feature flags tool that has the power to reduce risk, iterate quicker, and gain more control over your software projects. It allows developers to decouple feature rollout from code deployment that has the power to reduce risk, iterate quicker, and gain more control over your software projects. 

We want to empower software organizations to release software faster with less risk and more control. We are offering free consultancy sessions to companies that are keen to use Continuous Delivery (CD) methods, allowing the separation of feature rollout from code deployment.

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CD Session [EN]

This session is intended to help companies on:

Release Toggles

Allow in-progress features to be checked into a shared integration branch while still allowing that branch to be deployed to production at any time. Allows teams to modify system behavior without changing code, quarantining off unfinished features from the rest of the codebase and turning on and off the feature in different environments for testing.

Audit Log

Checking the latest events related to your features.

Add Remote Configs

The behavior of features of an application can be changed remotely without having to publish an application update.

Target Groups

Segmenting users in different groups based on common attributes, setting different setting values for different users in an application, grouping users based on a set of rules, setting inline rules or defining a set of rules as a target group to reuse in different toggles.

Manage permissions

Organizations group projects and allow to invite members to work in. Projects embrace working projects and allow to create multiple environments inside. Environments contain project environments and allow to configure the toggle behaviors individually.

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