Android Architecture Course in Barcelona

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If you’ve been following this blog, specially since the year started, you’ve probably observed that we at Apiumhub have been creating and/or closely collaborating with different ventures linked with the world of software development. As a short summary:

  • This October 10th we’re organizing the first Global Software Architecture Summit, an event that will take place in Barcelona and one we’re tremendously excited about.
  • We’ve started working with open source projects, which we gladly share with the community.
  • And last (but not least), we’re actively collaborating with Apium Academy, a particular school offering software development courses. We’ve already talked about it at length in the past, both when it opened its doors as well as when we introduced its brand new Product Ownership course (which, btw, still has some vacant seats!).

And since we’re talking about that, today we’d like to announce that in less than a month a new course will be available in this academy. We’re talking about the Architecting Android: Patterns & Best Practices, taught by Diego Ojeda, one of our Tech Leads, and that will take place from the 2nd of July till the 25th of that same month – 8 sessions of 1h and a half each, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Short, but intense.

Android Architecture Course in Barcelona

As with most Apium Academy courses, this is a pretty particular affaire, very different from other, more typical introductory courses, and it’s specially aimed at those that already know what it is to develop Apps for Android and want to improve their knowledge base and learn how to introduce best practices in their everyday routines.

  Open space in Apiumhub

Throughout this android architecture course you’ll learn about the most used architectures in the industry, analizing its avantages and which design patterns are used to implement them, as well as the best tools needed to develop Android applications.

You’ll also learn about the latest components that Google added to Android Jetpack and how to use them. Tests, best practices, SOLID principles, dependency injection. . .a little bit of everything, with a practical, hands-on approach and finding solutions to current issues.

Android Architecture Course Topics

  • Kotlin (Functional programming, immutability…)
  • Architecture (Clean Architecture)
  • Design patterns: MVP, MVC, MVVM
  • Rx, LiveData, coroutines
  • Dependency injection with Koin
  • Architecture components (Jetpack)
  • Testing (Robolectric4, mockk, junit)

How to get enrolled?

Are there any other courses in Apium Academy?

Yes, definitely, there are other courses that are given by Apiumhub’s Tech leads. For example:

  1. Frontend Architecture course
  2. Product Ownership course

Also, and since so many of you requested it, very soon Apium Academy will start working on a Backend Architecture course.

Is there any possibility to ask for a personalized course?

Yes, this possibility exists, just let them know what are your objectives and they will adapt the content to your needs.

Contact Apium Academy: [email protected]


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