Apium Academy has been part of our ecosystem for a while now. We have an ongoing close collaboration with this academy specialized in software development courses, and we’ve already talked about them in the past, like when we announced the Android Architecture course or the academy’s birth.

And the thing is, Apium Academy keeps growing little by little. New courses keep being created, and today we’d like to talk about one of them: the upcoming Backend Architecture course, which will be taught by Álvaro García, our Principal Engineer, and Rafa Ruiz, one of our Tech Leads. Sounds interesting? Then you have this August to load your batteries, because the course begins next September 17th. That is right around the corner!

Backend Architecture Course in Barcelona

Apium Academy has a particular way of approaching its courses. It’s not only about teaching technical knowledge but to show its real applications, with practical exercises done with the teacher’s assistance. Another essential element is to focus on methodology. At the end of the course, the students must have a clear idea about how to apply best practices on their everyday work in order to achieve a strong code and working software.

In this course about Backend Architecture, you will learn to work with Kotlin and architect a scalable and maintainable code. You will also learn how to apply DDD to model your business processes and how to apply TDD to keep your code free of bugs and, especially, how to apply the best practices to produce maintainable, high-quality software.

Backend Architecture Course Topics

  • Paradigms: Object-Oriented (polymorphism, inheritance…) + Functional (immutability, streams, …)
  • Decoupling services (repository pattern, application service, domain service…): Functional Core + Imperative Shell
  • Architecture patterns: Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture (Ports & Adapters)
  • Testing: types of test, test doubles, other tools
  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD) 
  • Design Principles (SOLID, KISS, DRY, …)
  • Patterns (MVC, Use Case, Factory, builder, adapter, facade, decorator…)

How to get enrolled?

Are there any other courses in Apium Academy?

Yes, you can find other courses:

  1. Frontend Architecture Course
  2. Android Architecture Course
  3. Product Owner Course

Tech Workshops: Learn from the best

Another novelty you’ll find are the specialized Workshops: hands-on, one day long workshops taught by some of the most relevant tech players in the world. And you can already sing up for two of them:

  1. Introduction to DevOps Workshop by Len Bass
  2. Software Architecture Workshop by Mark Richards

Is there any possibility to ask for a personalized course?

Yes, this possibility exists, just let them know what are your objectives and they will adapt the content to your needs.

Contact Apium Academy: info@apiumacademy.com