Cloud computing trends to watch in 2019

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The next generation digital businesses might be almost all of cloud platforms due to immense benefits and popularity of could computing technologies. Let’s dive into some of the cloud computing trends in 2017 and an infographic illustrating statistics that indicates the growth and popularity of cloud computing in 2018 and beyond. 


Some cloud computing trends to watch in 2019


Projected increase in Cloud computing adoption

Amazon and Microsoft, like cloud providing companies are experiencing exponential growth thanks to cloud adoptions among the masses. Enterprises and leading organizations are increasing their spending on cloud and adopting various services gradually.


Increasing trends of spending on IaaS

Public cloud IaaS services are projected to share billions of revenues from software and hardware needs in coming decades.


Cloud app – A new norm for enterprises

The cloud presence is becoming a norm in almost 70% enterprises across the globe, and they have at least one application running on the cloud.


Cloud computing adoption for data needs

Among the various services covered by cloud computing platforms, data analytics, and data management are seemingly leading in cloud adaptation trends in 2017 and beyond.

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Cloud adoption rate for different Cloud services

Different models of clouds are exhibiting different rates of adoption like a private cloud is exhibiting 77% growth while hybrid 71% and enterprise cloud 31% proportional increase. Therefore, predictions are that total IT budget by the organization for cloud would be 28%.


Usage of Cloud API 

Almost 46% organizations are integrating cloud APIs for databases, messenger systems, and storage systems and trends are increasing rapidly for other integrations too.


Cloud migration in the next 18 months

Cloud migration in private cloud is highest against public and hybrid clouds, and it may reach from 45% to 60% in next 18 months.


An infographics with some interesting cloud computing statistics 


cloud computing


To conclude, if you think cloud adoption is in favor of your organization and wish to follow trends in the market, you have to look for an eminent cloud service consultant company for technical and all sorts of help. It may prove your cloud migration efforts successful and cost efficient in all respects.


A bit more about the Author

Marc Olson is an experienced content writer, working at Cloud247, a leading Microsoft Cloud Service Provider in Canada. He has been in the industry for the past 10+ Years.

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