Top 15 creative accounts to follow on Twitter

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Looking for design-related, inspirational, creative accounts to follow? Do you search for the inspiration on Twitter? Then you need to read this article. I have revised several Twitter accounts; their creative and visually inspiring content to create a useful list for your daily use. For those who are looking for the techniques and ways to unlock the creativity, I recommend you to take a look at Apiumhub’s article related to this topic. Pretty sure, that the combination of both articles will bring a new turn in your life and ideas.




1. WebDesignerMag @WebDesignerMag

It’s a creative account of British WebDesigner, a monthly magazine that collects all the creativity from Twitter. Both their web page and Twitter account are the right places to find creative and interesting posts. 

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2. TalentHouse @talenthouse

Visual inspiration and creativity are guaranteed if you follow this page. Their content is mostly focused on pictures and creative ideas, the perfect place for your visual inspiration. Sometimes they are too cool to be true. Check them out and choose your favourite ones.

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By the way, check their website, their goal is to give a direct access to creative breaths from leading brands and agencies.

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3. Chris Spooner @chrisspooner

Chris Spooner is a creative Designer and Blogger and here is his creative account. This person has a wide creative personal content. Chris is a designer and he knows how to unlock your creativity. Moreover, he is the guy behind the Spoon.Graphics Blog about Graphics, Creativity and UX Design. Recommended.

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4 & 5. Tim Brown @tceb62 & @ideo

Designer, Tim Brown, is well-known for his talks on TED about the powerful relationship between creative thinking and play. Meanwhile, he tweets about creativity, design and his presence on different events. Moreover, Tim is CEO and President of IDEO – a global design company. I would include him not only in the list of Creative accounts but also in the influencer’s one. 

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6. Thecoolhunter @thecoolhunter

I would name this account stylish and creative. Looking for their tweets makes you really inspired. Meanwhile, it’s New York’s Creative Journal & designer’s shop of unique things.

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7. Behance @Behance

Behance is a well-known online creative network platform for top online portfolios of creative professionals across industries. On their Twitter account they actively share people’s creative works & minds and inspirational real cases. 

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8. Designspiration @Designspiration

Designspiration is a creative community and hub for discovering great art and web inspiration. That’s why on their Twitter you will find lots of creative ideas and tips on how to make those ideas come true. 

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9. Leta Sobierajski @letasobierajski

Leta is a graphic designer from Brooklyn that shares her daily thoughts and ideas with her readers. She has her unique style that you can be inspired from following her on Twitter. 

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10. Fabio Sasso @abduzeedo

Fabio is Brazilian lead designer at Google and a founder of Abduzeedo and author of eponymous book “Abduzeedo Inspiration Guide for Designers” that proves he knows what he talks and tweets about on Twitter. He shares articles, creative design elements and UX Design tips. 

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ZURB is a product design company located in USA. You might ask why I chose their account, I chose it because their Twitter account includes all the most interesting things to be named as one of the most creative accounts. Following them you will see tweets with creative graphics, pictures and articles for designers; for their inspiration & creativity.

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12. International Center for Studies in Creativity @ICSCreativity

A creative account with a professional touch. Personally, I like this account as it touches latest breaking topics, creative pictures, useful links, inspirational quotes, etc. By the way, you can check their master of science in Creativity program and resource section on their website to find new useful material. 

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13. Debbie Millman @debbiemillman ‏

Debbie Millman is known writer, educator, artist, brand consultant and host of the radio show Design Matters; even I’m pretty sure it’s not the whole description of what she does. But I’m sure that she shares great content both visual and readable on her Twitter that won’t leave you uninspired. She tweets a lot, so check your Twitter more often, so not to miss something cool.

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14. Adobe CC Design @AdobeCCDesign

Adobe has been always associated with a quality, pictures, bright and impressive ideas. Their twitter account follows all previously mentioned. Follow them to have always in your feed creative illustrations and ideas.

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15. Creative Bloq @CreativeBloq

Couldn’t miss this account – bright, intense, inspiral and motivating one. It’s a mix of text & pictures and everyone will find something for himself.

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I am sure that here could be much more creative accounts. That’s why I would be happy to receive your comments about whom you personally find creative on Twitter and then who knows, maybe there could be a place for the second part of creative accounts to follow on Twitter.


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