List of the top 10 web design blogs to follow

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All designers, try to find inspiration everywhere, especially on the internet. There are thousands of great inspiring blogs and I don’t believe that it’s possible to follow all of them, which is why we did a list of our favorite top 10 web design blogs. Obviously there are many other web design blogs that are extremely inspiring but the objective was to filter it down to a short list. [minti_spacer height=”40″]

Web design blogs



web design blogs
web design blogs

Digital telepathy is not only about design, it’s also about UX design, and on their blog, (I highly recommend you subscribe to it) they basically share their experiences and learnings to educate others towards amazing design. They cover topics as inspirations, productivity, business, interviews, philosophy, etc. all of it related to design. 



web design blogs
web design blogs

On PSD repo you can find files that are designed by creative people that chose to share it with the community for free. When I say files I mean mockups, websites, applications, icons, buttons, etc. It’s an amazingly inspiring blog, if you’re a professional designer you should definitely check it out.




web design blogs
web design blogs

Webydo provides tools and technology to facilitate the process of web design. In their blog, you can find useful tips and it’s quite amazing to browse as they have content divided in four main sections; web design, graphic design, community and news, basically covering a huge part of design.



web design blogs
Web design blogs

Design for founders is specifically for startups and entrepreneurs and has the objective of communicating how design can help a business in its growth. They try to teach them how to create their own design, sort of DIY designers. The blog offers guides and tutorials that can really be helpful for content managers and entrepreneurs. 



web design blogs
web design blogs

Graffica is a sort of journal that is dedicated to the world of design and focuses specially on inspiring creativity and informing professionals of the industry about latest trends and works. They cover various topics as typography, illustrations, branding examples, and many others.




web design blogs
Web Design blogs

InVision is a design collaboration platform that helps companies like Salesfore or Airbnb in their product design by offering intuitive tools for the entire design process, all in one place. We love their blog and find it quite complete as we can get tips from the designers. I would recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter! 



web design blogs
web design blogs

I guess many of you know what Canva is. If not, i’ll mention it very quickly. Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool that anyone could use and for which no specific skills are required. It is usually used for blog graphics, presentations, social media banners, etc. The Canva Design School Blog is actually quite helpful because you can find many recommendations, tips and templates regarding fonts, typography, trends, colors, etc. 



web design blogs
Web design blogs

Here, we’re really talking about UX design. You can find tutorials, articles, ecourse and ebooks about UX & UI design, user testing, prototyping, responsive web, etc. By subscribing to the newsletter you receive free ebooks and kits. 


9 – 40 FAKES

web design blogs
Web design blogs

The guys from 40 Fakes always enjoyed being informed and sharing interesting content and their point of view about it. Since 2005 you can find advertisement, pictures, illustrations, branding, videos and other visual content that inspires designers all over the world. 



At Apiumhub we offer services of UX design but also web & app development, so we really like Codrops because the blog publishes articles and tutorials about web design and development and we find it very inspiring because they always offer new inspiring options to basic concepts. 


web design blogs


I hope you could find in our list some web design blogs that you didn’t know about and that will help boost your creativity and inspiration. If there are other blogs worth mentioning, let us know, we love to share!

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  1. Coimbatore Web Design) says:

    Good post on web design. thanks for the informative blog.

  2. New American says:

    I will surely follow these blogs. Thank you for sharing them. I will surely read all the blogs.

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