KotlinConf is back this year and Apiumhub is a proud supporter

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At Apiumhub, we are excited to announce that we are proud supporters of KotlinConf’23. For the past 3 years, this widely known programming conference has been held online or postponed due to COVID restrictions, but this year the conference will finally return in person! “The developer community and our partners are excited for the return of KotlinConf in 2023. The sold-out event will host more than 1,300 attendees from around the world who will learn about and share the latest developments in and around Kotlin,” explains Robert Demmer, JetBrains Brand Marketing.

The event will take place on April 12–14, 2023, at Beurs van Berlage, a high-end conference center equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to expand their knowledge and learn from industry experts.

About KotlinConf23

KotlinConf is an event organized by JetBrains, a cutting-edge software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools that are used by many renowned companies worldwide. JetBrains has been organizing this event with great success since 2017. Every year, thousands of attendees from all over the world participate either in person or online, to learn best practices and the latest trends and network with the community.


The first day of the KotlinConf’23 will be dedicated to workshops. Workshops are not included in the ticket price, they can be bought separately in addition to the conference ticket.

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You can choose one among the following options:

  • Multiplatform Madness With Compose (Plus Friends) by Garth Gilmour, Kotlin GDE.
  • Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in Production by Kevin Galligan, Tadeas Kriz & Russell Wolf.
  • Kotlin TDD Masterclass by Nat Pryce and Duncan McGregor.
  • Building Scalable Microservices with Ktor and Kafka by Anton Arhipov and Viktor Gamov.
  • Asynchronous Programming With Kotlin Coroutines by Svetlana Isakova, Sebastian Aigner, and Roman Elizarov.
  • Reactive Spring Boot With Coroutines by Urs Peter.
  • Elegant, Powerful, and Idiomatic APIs in Kotlin by Romain Boisselle and Salomon BRYS.
  • Functional Programming in Kotlin by Raúl Raja Martínez, Alejandro Serrano and Simon Vergauwen.

Talks and speakers

The talks will take place on April 13th and 14th. Over 70 valued speakers will be presenting 55 sessions to share their knowledge and expertise with the Kotlin community. Many topics will be covered in these couple of days including Kotlin for Android, Kotlin for server-side, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, Kotlin libraries, Kotlin best practices, and more. We suggest you keep an eye on the event’s website to learn more about speakers and talks.

Besides having talks and workshops from top professionals, the event will feature something new this year: Lighting Talks! Unlike regular conference talks, lightning talks are fast-paced and more engaging. These talks are a great opportunity to discuss certain topics and get involved in the conversation. “Get more Kotlin in bite-sized pieces. Lightning Talks are a new addition to KotlinConf this year and have been a popular request from prior conference-goers. We believe attendees are going to love them and have a dedicated room at the venue.”

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Conference tickets

The conference has sold out for the fourth year in a row even before 2023 started! If you are interested in attending but did not have the opportunity to get a ticket, you can join the waitlist to get an alert if any of the reserved tickets become available.

Last in-person edition: KotlinConf ’19

Last in-person KotlinConf

The last in-person KotlinConf took place back in 2019 in Denmark. The event featured 70 speakers, 56 sessions, and 5 workshops. More than 1200 participants from 46 countries attended to learn, connect and have a good time. The event was a great success, and we are sure that this year’s will be as well. Hope to see you there on April 12-14!

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