Key matchmaking players

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Matchmaking is not something new, however, it was used mostly for the marriage purposes. Nowadays, matchmaking platforms and robotics allow us to use it in other ways as well, for example, finding right events, doing networking in an efficient way, finding the right candidates, investors, finding organ donors, etc. And the main idea behind matchmaking is pairing people according to their values, goals, and needs. Probably you have seen this boom in automation and matchmaking usage growth, let’s look at the key matchmaking players and current trends:


Key matchmaking players


1. DogBuddy

Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t always be there for our dogs to take them for a walk or just keep them company. That’s where a dog sitter or a dog walker comes in. Dos is like a member of a family and you definitely want to find the right person, but it is not that easy if you do it in a traditional way. However, with the help of a matchmaking platform it becomes much easier, it helps to match dog owners and dog sitters. Dog owners can even enjoy real-time GPS and photo updates from walks and be sure that their pets are having a great time. DogBuddy has grown into a community of 250,000 dog owners and 20,000 approved dog sitters across Europe.


2. Helpling

Helpling is matching customers who need cleaning services with individuals performing such services. In 2017, the company moved beyond cleaning and now offers all kinds of home services, including wall painting and clearing out homes in eight countries. On their website or via their app, customers can find the right professionals for their homes. And vise versa it becomes easy for freelancers to find a job.

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3. Lovoo

Lovoo matches two people in an attempt to begin a romantic relationship between them. This startup encourages people to develop their profiles and stories so that it can match them with others who share their interests and lifestyles. The company boasts an impressive 70,000,000 registered users.


4. Careship

Careship is a matchmaking platform for elderly care. The Berlin-based startup enables senior citizens who would like to remain independent to easily find qualified care workers who will help them around the house and assist them in their daily lives.


5. Moberries

MoBerries is an exclusive network of leading rapid-growth companies sharing their to-be-urgently-placed positions. Basically, it is a matchmaking platform to put together the right job seekers and employers.


6. ShareDesk

These days, many people prefer to go freelance and enjoy the freedom of working from wherever they want, but it is not always easy to find a good place to work – for instance, a desk at a coworking space. So, ShareDesk created a matchmaking platform to solve this problem. The platform matches office space providers with prospective clients, reducing the time and effort needed to find office space tailored to specific needs.


7. TechBuddy

TechBuddy is another matchmaking platform that provides affordable technical support by connecting freelance tech enthusiasts with those in need of assistance with their devices.


8. Lemoncat

The goal of Lemoncat is to make it easy to order high-quality catering for business events or meetings. Lemoncat’s matchmaking algorithms help connect catering companies in 80 cities with their prospective clients.

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9. Olio

Have you ever been to a party where there was too much food and you didn’t know what to do with it? Well, also sometimes it happens that we can’t really eat all the food we’ve bought at a supermarket. Many people have become aware of how big a problem food waste is, and they hate to bin perfectly good food they can’t consume. So, Olio wants to reduce the amount of wasted food by matching users who want to offer their spare food to those who might make a good use of it.


10. Eventtia 

Eventtia is one of the best B2B matchmaking platforms to connect people and businesses at the events. It helps to avoid stressful situations and set up your event’s networking dynamic with just a few clicks.


11. B2match 

B2match is a platform designed to connect people at events with efficient and goal-oriented networking. 75% of the people who go to events do so to network, but the reality is that the networking part is usually restricted to small talk during the event’s coffee breaks. b2match enables your attendees to register for your event, see who’s going, and book meetings with other participants. B2match matchmaking platform easily integrates with your event and adds real value for your attendees by ensuring that everyone leaves with connections that matter.


12. fundsUP

FundsUp helps startups to find investment in the smartest way possible. FundsUP is again the “Tinder” of startups and investors. It is an A.I. boosted matchmaking platform that connects founders, investors, and enterprises.

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