Material design: smarter alternative to flat design

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Flat design is a current trend and a buzzword these recent years. Everything is going towards simplicity and flat design is all about that. Like all other trends, Flat design has evolved and adapted changes. It  is mostly being criticized for having no obvious evidence whether the object is clickable or not. On Flat websites all elements look flat and plain, and designers and digital marketers usually have to give hints to identify clickable and functional objects. Google went one step further and introduced Material Design language.

Google incorporated shadow effects and the concepts of movement and depth in order to create design that appears more realistic to the user. Material design gives more depth to flat design by incorporating light and shadows, while featuring grid-based layouts and responsive animations.

It is known for its minimalistic look, well-thought vivid colors, cool images, big typography, and whitespace usage for a bold look. 

Material design is very consistent, coherent and thoughtful. Apart from simple and beautiful design, functionality is the key focus of it. Every element of this design trend has its own function. Due to Google’s design principles these functions are clearly identified. You can easily distinguish clickable elements from non-clickable ones.

It has a positive impact on conversion rate and user satisfaction. One of the example can be project management tool – Trello, which integrated this design and received 42% more activity per session.

The goal of Material Design is to create clean, modernistic design that focus on UX.

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Google offers a lot of resources for designers, including layout templates and icons. To get started, visit the Google Material Design Guidelines here.




If you work on Material Design project, you’ll need icons that fit your project and follow Google’s icons guidelines:




Color in material design is inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights. Color should be unexpected and vibrant. Watch this video by google about color palette.




We did a selection of trendy material design UI kits that may fit your project.






behance material design


behance material design ui kit


Material Design UI Kit


materialup material design kits



Selection of latest cool themes for your different projects


meterial design theme Pol


materialdesignthemes parallax


materialdesignthemes obsession



reebok fitness material design


brandts disney material design

level-barvikha material design


dreamteam material design


material design clinic avenir


material design qed group



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