I am sure that most of you know about the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest reunion of the mobile related industry executives that has been taking place in Barcelona since 2006. 


Barcelona will be hosting mobile world congress until 2023


An incredible news for the capital of Cataluña, as economic studies revealed that last year’s event contributed with +€436 million and +12,675 part-time jobs. It is not difficult to see that this creative and innovative annual gathering benefits the mobile industry as well as the citizens of the city of Barcelona.

Every year Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brings together the best professionals and companies involved in the sector of the mobile industry, presenting their latest innovations and progresses. 

Any person interested or involved in the mobile industry should really save those dates as the attendees will have the opportunity to assist to visionary global leadership conferences and don’t forget that it’s definitely an amazing place to network and search for opportunities in the mobile industry