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Memory leaks in iOS

Memory leaks in iOS

By Apple’s definition, a memory leak is: “Memory that was allocated at some point, but was never released and is no longer referenced by your app. Since there are no references to it, there’s now no way to release it and … Read More

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps: key benefits, statistics, use cases

Progressive web apps are the next great trend for the mobile web. It was invented about two years ago by Google and already got a lot of attention around it. As many experts assume that this is the nearest future … Read More

Best Apps To Use

The 11 best apps to use in 2018

This year was an excellent one for the new technologies and best apps to be released for both mobile platforms: Android and iOS. So what are the best apps of 2016 launched in Spain? I made a list of the … Read More

App Development Externalization For Dexma

Case study: App development externalization for Dexma

ABOUT DEXMA Present with +200 partners in 32 countries, Dexma is a software provider for energy management. It implies that they offer a set of integrated software and hardware tools that enable their clients to have a full visibility of … Read More

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