Color combination

Creating Color Palettes

14 useful tools for creating color palettes

If you read our previous articles about colors, you know how colors are important in terms of marketing and sales, what are the color trends in 2016 and how to achieve color harmony to achieve your goals. In this article … Read More

How Colors Affect Sales

Key statistics on how colors affect sales

Colors are the number one influencing factor in purchases for almost 93% of people. Colors convey different meanings to different people. It all depends on age, gender, and nationality. In the previous articles we discussed color combinations and color harmony, latest color tips … Read More

Color Combination

Color combination: the beginner’s guide

Everyone has favorite colors that they usually use for their interior design, for clothes, etc. In a way color represents a person and can say a lot about his or her character and preferences. As for the UX design, skilled UX … Read More

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