Tips to keep track of code and infrastructure security risks

Tips to Keep Track of Code and Infrastructure Security Risks

Introduction Nowadays, most people take it as a fact that the software we use daily is secure, and that is not really representative of the reality we live in in the software industry. A lot of the software on the … Read More

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The Transition to the Quantum-Cryptography Era

Introduction In this article, I’ll be comparing the encryption standards we consider safe with the actual technology and what could make them not be safe anymore during the following years. I will also try to analyze how we can prepare … Read More

IoT Security

IoT security issues and risks

One of the most evident cybersecurity challenges in the current technological ecosystem is that of IT security in IoT devices. As we approach a more interconnected society with more smart objects connected to the cloud, the risks also increase and … Read More

Software Protection Steps

9 software protection steps you must do to keep your source code safe

Protecting your code against illegal copying and copyright infringements should be on the top of your list of priorities. If your core business is software development or you happen to create software to meet your custom requirements, defending your software … Read More

Prevent Internet Frauds

Little known ways to prevent internet frauds

The Internet is no doubt a great and an informative place. But like every other thing on this earth it has some demerits too. Internet fraud occupies the top position in the list of current internet security issues. Every year … Read More


Cybersecurity – crossing the last frontier

The future landed 10 years ago, and with it an innumerable number of devices, technologies, methodologies, and trends has come with it to stay. Some studies foresee that by 2020 there will be 200 billion connected things. We are talking … Read More

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