Technology innovation: CLAS expara startup accelerator

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Technology innovation in Vietnam is booming. By following the latest trends and staying up to date, Apiumhub’s Vietnam team has had various chances to assist to really interesting events, featuring big players in the Information Technologies industry such as Tech in Asia and Business Transformation with Google for Work. Last Friday, we attended another one; CLAS-Expara Startup Accelerator initiated by Microsoft Vietnam. With the purpose of helping to increase the capacity of startups, especially in technology innovation, Expara is the leading venture creation in southeast Asia since 2003 and provides both investment and services to the enterprise ecosystem. 


5 technology innovation startup demos in Expara Vietnam Acceleration


1 – Clas Healthcare is a virtual care service provider on smartphone apps called BacSi24x7 BS and it can be run on Windows Phone, iOS and Android platform. The app helps connect doctors with patients and provides benefits for the 3 different users involved:

  • The patient can search for doctors via the app (domestically and internationally), find a suitable hospital/clinic and take appointments online at the time that is the most convenient.
  • The doctor can easily interact with patients, advise them and answer their questions.
  • For the Hospital/Clinic employees, this serves as an advanced tool to manage patients, doctors and appointments.


2 – HomeFinder is the only real estate service platform that uses machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques to enhance competitiveness. HomeFinder has 3 different tools that enables users to stay updated of the latest information regarding brokers, zones and projects.

  • Homefinder project analytics: with this tool you can see the number of listings and trends in prices. It also enables the user to get a sense of how well is a specific residential project and track the projects that are in the same segment.
  • Homefinder zone analytics: you can see changes in the market, in specific areas and streets, changes in prices, concentration of brokers and all utilities around it. It helps to compare prices of each location and provides users with more accuracy and therefore enables them to make better decisions when investing or buying a house.
  • Homefinder broker analytics: with this tool you will have more information about the person behind the listing and how he is doing and how your team is doing.
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3 – MegaNet is a Vietnamese company for large-scale wireless network projects. Its technology is used to cover free Wi-Fi for public places throughout Vietnam. Wifi Marketing is an innovative way for brand to promote themselves; users will see the ads while they use that wifi. When users login to use wifi, all sorts of data is collected:

  • Personal information: email, gender, age, etc…
  • Behavior information: what they like to see, what they listen to, what they look for on the web
  • Device information: type of device, operator version…
  • Other information: period, time, area…


4 – MimosaTEK. Recently, many we find many technology innovation being developed to serve the agricultural industry in Vietnam, ArgHub from Tech in Asia launched their product a month ago. And now we have MimosaTEK which is an IoT cloud platform for Precision Agriculture; an integrated system of sensors, controller, and a cloud platform with algorithm. Both products help farmers do their job more efficiently. Functions of the platform:   

  • Monitor what is going on at the farm: wind, rain, temperature, air humidity, sunny, light, soil moisture, etc.
  • Get warnings of adverse environmental conditions, warnings of drought/flooding
  • Control irrigation programs from anywhere
  • Track status of plants everyday
  • Daily reports of environment conditions and irrigation activities
  • Provide some plant database


5 – Ubest is an online interactive training services provider (OITS). It provides a platform for online training solutions. Users can directly interact, build lectures, and manage learning materials with more flexibly and efficiency. Highlights of Ubest’s use:

  • Experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers
  • Direct interactive instruction strategies
  • Learning (with internet access) anywhere and at anytime
  • Logic and creative-thinking instead of stereotype teaching methods
  • Reasonable study costs
  • UBEST brings you special offers, incentives and promotions
  • Chance for all users to earn extra income
  • Control over the learning process
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Technology innovation is growing extremely fast almost everywhere. No matter what size your enterprise is, if you are a startup or a well known brand, don’t just stand in one place. You must keep on improving the way you work, following trends, thinking outside the box, developing innovative and creative ideas for your business model and mainly empowering your team. Those initiatives will help you bring your business to the next level. We will attend more tech events in the upcoming months, you can follow us on our social media if that interests you or just subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated of latest news.

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