Are you data Driven?

Are you Data-Driven ?

Are you Data Driven?

01. The Situation

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Spain is among the five top leaders on data-driven innovation addressing the EU Data Economy. With the quantitative indicators of a 6.5% Growth rate and 7133 million revenue predicted for 2025 and more than 16 thousand companies with 221 thousand data professionals in 2021 according to The European data market study from the European Commission, Spain stands as a leader in industries such as Finance, Real State and Retail. Many of this data-driven solutions have shown benefits such as improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction or contribute to better financial performance, as well as reducing environmental impact and increasing workforce diversity.

02. The Problem

One of the key aspects to solve a data-driven problem is to have clear the business, product or operational challenge that will constitute the hypothesis for using data. Once we have the question defined , it is key to gather the necessary kind of data to build the hypothesis. Data types might vary depending on the challenge , and they can be tabular – in the form of tables or datasets- or even visual – in the form of images – and will be part of a feature engineering process. We can select different feature engineering processes, data visualizations and machine learning models in order to solve W´s questions (What/When/When/Why?) . Iteration and analysis over the results are also key to properly backtrack how different suppositions are made. In the end, data-driven solutions enrich, answer, or reinforce intuitions or questions.

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03. The Solution

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04. Our Projects

We’ve worked for all types of industries and on many different projects. Our experts in data-driven projects allow organizations to outsource their analytical needs, since the hierarchy of value creation beyond information is a major challenge for most organizations.

A data-driven approach to your project comes with the ability to analyze the performance of a project objectively, and make rational and informed decisions, playing a significant part in your project’s success.

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At Apiumhub we believe in data science projects that discover what companies really need to help make strategic decisions based on data analysis.

We believe that companies can leverage data-driven product strategies that lead to differentiation and competitive advantage. Data productization can take your business to new levels.

Do you want to know more about our data services? Would you like to work with leading data experts in Barcelona? We would love to hear from you.

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