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Omni-Channel Retailers

Omni-channel retailers: Top 3 companies with successful customer experiences.

In an era where the traditional brick & mortar is almost dead, retailers are creating more and more omni-channel practices to make the customer experience more engaging. In Spain for example, 50% of companies had an omni-channel strategy driven by … Read More

AI In Retail Industry

AI in Retail Industry: How Big Players Increase Customer Experience

The real-world shopping experience is still relevant, even in times where traditional brick and mortar shops are facing increasing competition from online shops. However, according to brick and mortar still matter as 61% of consumers shop in-store, compared to … Read More


Chatbot – the ultimate cost saver

Artificial technology in all its forms has been changing the different commercial sectors- for better or for worse. Its implementation has been seen throughout different industries, affecting the way of doing business as well as the way in which they communicate … Read More

Voice Recognition

How Voice Recognition Will Change the Way You Interact

With the rise of artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology, there has been a plenty discussion about how industries, the labour force, and business models will change, but how will these technologies change the way consumers and brands interact? From … Read More

Digital Transformation In Retail

Digital transformation in retail: 10 changes

Market research firm eMarketer estimates global e-commerce sales will reach about $ 3.563 trillion this year. The growth of online sale is very robust globally, with a growth rate about four times higher than that of all retail sales. Brick-and-mortar … Read More

Giving A Push For A New Startup

3 effective ideas for giving a push for a new startup

Are you an entrepreneur that has a new startup carefully designed from scratch? Or do you need to come up with an effective creative idea of how to advertise a startup? When starting a new startup every entrepreneur thinks about … Read More

Matchmaking Platforms

4 ways to tackle your startup problems with matchmaking platforms

In today’s world optimizing the use of the resources of your startup is crucial to stay competitive. We are living in a very competitive world with so many startups coming up on a daily basis, not to speak of all … Read More


How Can Fintech Help Manage Your Company's Finances

What if you were able to set-up your startup without spending any of your own financial resources? And what if you could dedicate your time and resources to focus on your idea without worrying about petty details? With the advancements … Read More

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